24 Jan 2011

Do not do this

give yourself a chance. do not forget your professional practice, and development work. do not represent youself like this recent graduate.

I am a recent graduate who as a (hons)degree in Digital Animation from Thames valley university, London. After wasting 3 long years meeting coursework deadlines on unecessary modules, writing useless essays and not forgetting my attempt at character rigging and set modelling, i have decided to stick to the original plan of becoming an animator. Currently. i am working really hard on my character animator showreel and willing to give all i have to achieve this goal for as long as it takes.

The exercises may be useless, the essays useless, but this is not funny, ironic, right. it is a moaner. someone who does not understand the privilidged position and opportunity they have just had. Things are not given, opportunities are taken. ultimately if you do not take full advantage of the opportunity no one knows or cares and you will be left behind.

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