28 Apr 2011

100 trends in 2011 from JWT

J W T (the advertising giant)
has put a presentation together about what is hot or not in 2011...
I think it is interesting < here >
"In our sixth annual year-end forecast of trends for the near future, technology is the overriding theme, driving many of our trends and at the center of others. The economy also continues to be a common thread."

Show Me The Animation Teams up with Encounters

Show Me The Animation
Teams up with Encounters
Show me the animation will be collaborating with the Encounters Bristol International Film Festival and Shorts International to celebrate Encounters recently qualifying for some of the world's most prestigious awards. Films will include 'Nominated Animated Shorts from the Orange British Academy Film Awards in 2011'.
Tuesday 3rd May
Venue: Upstairs at the Hen and Chicken, 210 North St, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1JF. 0117 9663143
Doors: Open from 7pm- 10pm (Film screening between 7.30-8.45pm)
from Helen & Vicky

Comic expo weekend

A comic expo in Bristol - 14-15 MAY - here
Bristol International and Small Press Comic Expo 2011. Opening times: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10.30am - 4.30pm,
Once again the Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel will be playing co-host with the Ramada City Inn Hotel
with all the best in Independent & Small Press comics and MangaTICKETS NOW ON SALE!

Ticket sales updates 90% of tickets now sold!

£9 day or £16 weekend

Child discounts apply

Expo will again be an ALL TICKET event,

so pre-booking is the only way to ensure you are at the

UK's Premier Comics Event!

(this may be your thing, a perfect antidote to Fridays screening)!

18 Apr 2011

Jobs search site

This is rather good. a jobs site that collects from loads of agencies, and is topical, local. Indeed, make it a regular port of call.

14 Apr 2011

Alexeev Alexey, log jam and ARC

interview with Alexeev Alexey - here - quite naive questions, but gets good answers. Log Jam. Log Jam is very funny.

Umm, this is quite good. The Animation Resource Centre. ARC . lots of pings off from here.
"181 links to the best free animation resources
for students on the net, sourced from over
81 different web sites and growing."

I am old, I completed a survey today and had to check age as 45 - 60. that was quite depressing.

Gagarin aniversary

Lovely animation called Gagarin - here - by Alexij Kharitidi

Major Yuri A. Gagarin, age 27, was the first man to orbit Earth. He was a Soviet cosmonaut. He was also a Soviet Air Force pilot and a parachutist.
Yuri Gagarin's parents were peasants on a collective farm in the village of Gzhatsk. Gagarin thus represented the ideal of the "new communist man." Gzhatsk is now called "Gagarin City."

Sergei Korolev was the Soviet Union's chief rocket designer. He selected Gagarin to be the first cosmonaut to orbit the Earth.

the 12 April is the anniversary of this event - 50 years (only) ago - more - With so many images of the Earth from space now available, it is perhaps hard to imagine how it felt to be the first person to view the Earth from that perspective. During his 108 minute flight, Yuri Gagarin completed an orbit of the Earth, giving him a unique viewpoint of the Earth as a planet. This aspect raises his flight from an impressive technical achievement to a milestone in human history.

More than 500 humans have now travelled into space, representing over 30 countries. Satellites are now able to show us our home planet in extraordinary detail and tell us much about the way that we are changing it on a local and global scale.

6 Apr 2011

One Dot Zero Call for entries

one dot zero call for entries. video here

onedotzero are seeking new work which demonstrates innovative creative expression and ideas visionary moving image ideas across innovative short films, installations, interactive work and live audio-visual performances.

2 Apr 2011

the Grammar of TV and film

This is quite a good glossary of terms. it is from by Daniel Chandler, 1994, Here.