22 Mar 2011

interesting Scientist - Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman is enthusiastic. this video about Jiggling is one to watch/have on whilst rendering something... great visualiser.
some detail.
Richard Phillips Feynman was born on May 11, 1918,[5] in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York. His family originated from Russia and Poland; both of his parents were Jewish, but they were not devout. Feynman (in common with the famous physicists Edward Teller and Albert Einstein) was a late talker; by his third birthday he had yet to utter a single word.
Feynman has been called the "Great Explainer". He gained a reputation for taking great care when giving explanations to his students and for making it a moral duty to make the topic accessible. His guiding principle was that if a topic could not be explained in a freshman lecture, it was not yet fully understood. Feynman gained great pleasure from coming up with such a "freshman-level" explanation, for example, of the connection between spin and statistics. What he said was that groups of particles with spin 1/2 "repel", whereas groups with integer spin "clump". This was a brilliantly simplified way of demonstrating how Fermi–Dirac statistics and Bose–Einstein statistics evolved as a consequence of studying how fermions and bosons behave under a rotation of 360°...

But - the describing of difficult in simple terms is what I like. Imagine is a key word for him. or finding similes.

15 Mar 2011

one for sophie lowden

Sophie - funny, but some folk are very humble. this blog about comics and flow is apt for you, I thinks.
"Laying out panels – it seems like a really simple task, but I’ve discovered it’s a little more complicated than that in my own comic. I guess I’ll start this tutorial at the beginning – thumbnails! Making a thumbnail sketch of the comic page is important. It’s much easier to fix a five minute scribble than a page that took 5 hours. .."
Maggock also has some quite pithy but entertaining positions... find them here

5 Mar 2011

tilt shift app for i phone

gizmo to miniature the world. not serious, but a bit of fun. by Toy Camera

Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras

Shrove Tuesday 8th March 2011.
Also known as "Pancake Day", "Fat Tuesday" and "Mardi Gras," Shrove Tuesday always falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent in the Christian faith. Dates vary from year to year, but it usually falls in February, sometimes early March. In 2011 it falls on 8th March.

Because Shrove Tuesday is directly linked to Easter, the date varies from year to year. Easter Day is usually the first Sunday after the full moon that falls on or just after Spring Equinox and can therefore occur on any date between 22nd March and April end.
Lent lasts for forty days. Mardi Gras is 46 days before Easter. this year is Super late.(in fact the next latest date for Mardi Gras is 2038 — 9 March).

This really impacts your productions. There is little or no time after Easter to get a shift on, as has traditionally happened.

in French Mardi = Tuesday, Gras = Fat. fat Tuesday is the last 'stocking up' of the body before the lent period that begins on Ash Wednesday.
2006 February 28th
2007 February 20th
2008 February 5th
2009 February 24th
2010 February 16th
2011 March 8th
2012 February 21st
2013 February 12th
2014 March 4th
2015 February 17th
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2017 February 28th
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