23 May 2011

very good calendar that could be a group template

super Calendar from super deluxe - Tokyo < here > I propose to suggest to L3 that this may be a good model to follow for their one page link. I like the layout with a column on the right with short synopsis picture and link...

Elevator Pitch

the elevator pitch builder the elevator pitch is a phrase evolved to summarise the cold pitch to financiers etc of an idea in the length of time it takes for an elevator to ascend or descend - 30 seconds to two minutes to hook and enthuse your backer into your idea... An elevator pitch is often used by an entrepreneur pitching an idea to a venture capitalist or angel investor to receive funding. Venture capitalists often judge the quality of an idea by the quality of its elevator pitch and will ask entrepreneurs for their elevator pitches in order to quickly weed out bad ideas and weak teams. Elevator pitches are also used in many other situations.
nice premise.
a good elevator pitch stimulates the listener...

10 May 2011

Der Lauf der Dinge (the way things go) 1987

< the way things go > Inside a warehouse, a precarious 70-100 feet long structure has been constructed using various items. When this is set in motion, a chain reaction ensues. Fire, water, law of gravity as well as chemistry determine the life-cycle of objects - of things. It brings about a story concerning cause and effect, mechanism and art, improbability and precision. Peter Fischli, David Weiss.

in memory of Masahiro Katayama

Catherine Munroe Hoates writes a good obituary In Memory of Masahiro Katayama (片山 雅博, 1955-2011)< here >
"Among Katayama’s greatest accomplishments was his supervision of the New Animation Animation DVD series for Geneon Universal. This invaluable series includes the works not only of key Japanese art animation figures such as Kihachiro Kawamoto, Tadanari Okamoto, Yoji Kuri, Osamu Tezuka and Koji Yamamura, but also some fine DVD collections of world animation figures including Yuri Norstein, Norman McLaren, Jiří Trnka, Frédéric Back, and Aleksandr Petrov. These DVDs and boxsets are all accompanied by informative essays about the animators written by Katayama himself."

New animation series, Geneon jp

9 May 2011


The European Commission under President Barroso's leadership is considering ending the MEDIA Programme as it currently exists. This decision would have a very negative impact on all of the European audiovisual industry, which benefits from the numerous funds offered by this programme.

sign the petition, and spread the word < here >
"We, the European professionals of animation film for television and cinema, are extremely concerned by the disastrous consequences on the economic and cultural level, which the calling into question of the MEDIA Programme will give rise to in our sector....We categorically refuse the proposed abolition of the MEDIA Programme with its succession of disastrous consequences in the medium and long term, or any other form of administrative curtailment, namely the inclusion of the current MEDIA Programme within another of the Commission’s programmes."

1 May 2011

the point of humanities

read this Article by Alain de Botton. < here > from a point of view on the BBC. "It should be the job of a university education to tease out the therapeutic and illuminative aspects of culture, so that we can emerge from a period of study as slightly less disturbed, selfish, unempathetic and blinkered human beings, who can be of greater benefit not only to the economy, but also to our friends, our children and our spouses."
the swing to employability and training in universities is affecting the responsibility we all have in being reasonable. he writes better than me. I quite liked it. I want you to enjoy the broadening of what you receive, not just your specialist subject.