23 Feb 2011

21 Feb 2011


Radiohead new album, King of limbs, new video, and subsequent mash ups makes the news. all in a day, and all part of the HYPE, me thinks... juries out on the album.

What is animation to you?

What is animation to you? I have been struggling for a definition, each one I come up with destroys itself before my eyes and becomes cack.
we know what it is, how do we sumarise what it is without it sounding cack? pretentious? insincere? to sincere?

animation is - funny stuff.
animation is - trickfilm (I like this one - German)
animation is - cartoons, isn't it? (Welsh one)
animation is - the fusion of sound and image over time to equate to the authors message.
animation is - stupid.
animation is - fantastic.
animation is - whatever you want it to be.
animation is - frustration right there.
animation is - inadequate, expensive, flamboyant, ridiculous.
animation is - derided.
animation is - not an art.
animation is - best left undefined.
animation is - you fool.
animation is - shapeshifter.

enough, but wait a minute. If we return to the Greek origins of the word 'animation’ then we are likely to be drawn to Aristotle and his distinction between that which is alive - and that which is inanimate. The thing that marks the former off from the latter is psuche (from which 'psychology' is derived) and this can be variously translated as soul, breathe or life. At one level, thus, we can talk of animation as 'making things move or happen' - much as animators do of cartoon pictures. At another level there is something more - giving life to'. This idea runs quite closely to the concerns of experiential educators.
Animation is - internal and external movement displayed
animation is - action, acting, stillness, emotion,
animation is a muse. and that is amusing.

16 Feb 2011


Don't you all look lovely. One or two faces have departed, but the majority of you are hanging in. This is your show. who saw the photography cakes today?

8 Feb 2011

CGI Head works

For storage, and also phenomena this tutorial/ demo reel is a good fusion of pipeline and solution. it is pretty good. made three years ago in 2007 by Nvidia.
some comments are a blast.
"ya i agree with u on all dat pc is indeed more powerful but all im saying u need some cash to keep ur computer upgraded i had a XPS 600 i got it in the spring of 06 a gaming machine worked fine for two years than i started noticing my computer had trouble playing some games i had put it on the lowest settings i triedl playing world at war and it couldnt play dat game even in the lowest settiings"

7 Feb 2011

Future Shock 1972

Future shock (1972) Directed by Alexander Grasshoff, written by Ken Rosen, Alvin Toffler (book), gives us definition of the modern sense of loss, possibly. the disposable nature of things, the fragmentation of communities, the acceleration of time... interesting sound track. Part one is linked, easy to find 2,3,4,and 5 if it floats your boat. "the telephone directory is updated daily to keep track of people on the move."

6 Feb 2011

words and eggs - P.S.: My name is Lesley.

this picture a cover of Industria, by Pranas Lape, cover from 1948. One of many fine examples of posters, graphics, packaging found by a busy poster/blogger/digger - help me with the definition... a good blog;
Words and eggs
"I like letters. The Letter People on PBS. My favorite childhood show. Letters forming words forming ideas forming worlds. I love letters. I love lettering letters. And ornamenting them. And packaging them. And stamping them. And receiving them.

I like design. I'm teaching myself some stuff. Researching sites. Forming ideas. Forming preferences. Learning about design through designers I like and the incessant influx of designs that designers post daily. Hourly. Minutely. Infectious inspiration. Contagion. I want to take classes. Education. Education makes my world go round. I need the eggs."
P.S.: My name is Lesley.

I like Lesley and what he finds to post about. I like his collection of links. eg the art of the title,Cover browser, attic paper lots for sale.

Helper's high, the health benefits

On doing some reading about the benefit of Altruistic giving, I came across quite a raft of work that has studied the psychological benefits to the individual who has volunteered help. it has gone a little scientific, but a common known is that you feel 'good' after you do some un-bidded assistance.

Helping others contributes to the maintenance of good health and can diminish the effect of minor and serious psychological and physical diseases and disorders.

The rush of euphoria often referred to as a helper’s high after performing a kind act involves physical sensations and the release of the body’s natural painkillers, the endorphins. The initial rush is followed by a longer period of calm and improved emotional well-being.

The health benefits and sense of well-being return for hours or even days whenever the helping act is remembered.

Stress related health problems improve after performing kind acts.

Helping can enhance feelings of joyfulness, emotional resilience, and vigor, and can reduce the unhealthy sense of isolation.

The awareness and intensity of physical pain can decrease.

Attitudes such as chronic hostility that negatively arouse and damage the body are reduced.

A sense of self-worth, greater happiness, and optimism is increased, and feelings of helplessness and depression decrease.

When we establish an ‘affiliative connection’ with someone (a relationship of friendship, love, or some sort of positive bonding), we feel emotions that can strengthen the immune system.

Caring for strangers leads to immense immune and healing benefits.

Regular club attendance, volunteering, entertaining, or faith group attendance is the happiness equivalent of getting a college degree, or more than doubling your income.

Just a thought, you are all in this together.

4 Feb 2011

A good way to spend the break...

Good work from Dane and Dan over the break. this is a great example of collaboration, light touch, dextrous technical process and good message.

watch their new film You May Now here.

2 Feb 2011

La poudriere France

Training course:
Animation filmmaking: book adaptation

Dates: Tuesday April 26 - Friday July 8, 2011

Location: Valence (France)
Registration fee: 1000 euros per participant (financial aid possible)
Number of participants: 10 - 12
Principal trainers: Laurent Pouvaret, Claire Paoletti, Ted Sieger

Contact: Annick Teninge – tél: + 33 (0)4 75 82 08 08 – contact@poudriere.eu

Deadline for application: February 28, 2011
Working language: French (some English possible). More information on www.poudriere.eu/fr/
This training course is an 11-week module focusing on scriptwriting for television projects and children’s book adaptation. The course also includes one week at the Annecy International Animation Festival and Market.

Check out blog

check out this wonderful blog:- Michael Sporn animation

New York - MOMA

picture by Yvonne Reiner 1963 we shall run/
wish I was in New York...
last week and this, there has been a comprehensive drawing on film exhibit at MOMA, screening programme and stuff. there may be a catalogue, there are enough names for further research.
find a picture...

This exhibition includes films by Yann Beauvais (French, b. 1953), Stan Brakhage (American, 1933–2003), Robert Breer (American, b. 1926), Mary Ellen Bute (American, 1906–1983), Doris Chase (American, 1923–2008), Jim Capobianco (American, b. 1969), Walt Disney (American, 1901–1966), Ed Emshwiller (American, 1925–1990), valie export (Austrian, b. 1940), Harun Farocki (German, b. Czechoslovakia 1944), Emily Hubley (American, b. 1958), Amar Kanwar (Indian, b. 1964), Bernard Longpre (Canadian, 1937–2002), Len Lye (New Zealander, 1901–1980), Norman McLaren (Canadian, b. Scotland 1914–1987), Bill Morrison (American, b. 1965), David Piel (American, 1926–2004), Yvonne Rainer (American, b. 1934), Randy Rotheisler (Canadian, b. 1953), Carolee Schneemann (American, b. 1939), Zdenek Smetana (Czech, b. 1925), Stuart Sherman (American, 1945–2001), Alia Syed (British, b. 1964), and Steven Yazzie (American, b. 1970).
Organized by Anne Morra, Associate Curator, Department of Film, and Esther Adler, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Drawings.

the Exhibition On line
is continuing - but finishing soon.
"On Line is organized chronologically in three sections: Surface Tension, featuring the artistic drive to construct and represent movement through line within the flat picture plane; Line Extension, composed of works in which lines extend beyond flatness into real space—that is, into social space; and Confluence, presenting works in which line and background are fused, giving greater significance to the space between lines. In following the development of the meaning of line over the last one hundred years, the exhibition traces it in movement, across disciplines, and as it has been drawn out and rewoven in time and space—inevitably reflecting the interconnection and interdependency that are increasingly both shaping and emerging from a globalized society. Line, like thought, once understood as linear and progressive, has evolved into a kind of network: fluid, simultaneous, indefinite, and open." quite a mouthful, but impresive premise nonetheless, the exhibition context is ambitious.