6 Feb 2011

words and eggs - P.S.: My name is Lesley.

this picture a cover of Industria, by Pranas Lape, cover from 1948. One of many fine examples of posters, graphics, packaging found by a busy poster/blogger/digger - help me with the definition... a good blog;
Words and eggs
"I like letters. The Letter People on PBS. My favorite childhood show. Letters forming words forming ideas forming worlds. I love letters. I love lettering letters. And ornamenting them. And packaging them. And stamping them. And receiving them.

I like design. I'm teaching myself some stuff. Researching sites. Forming ideas. Forming preferences. Learning about design through designers I like and the incessant influx of designs that designers post daily. Hourly. Minutely. Infectious inspiration. Contagion. I want to take classes. Education. Education makes my world go round. I need the eggs."
P.S.: My name is Lesley.

I like Lesley and what he finds to post about. I like his collection of links. eg the art of the title,Cover browser, attic paper lots for sale.

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