16 Jun 2011

see that Pear there?

See that Pear there? I am migrating for the Summer to a New field. a thought, a sod. a divot of land, a collection of mud. See you later.

10 Jun 2011


The Degree show opens tonight with a private view 6-9, and runs everyday until next Thursday

< info > < www.bsa2011.co.uk >

take a look at some of the recent work by this years Animation students, here

7 Jun 2011

Friday man Samuel Smiles

Samuel Smiles's Self-Help is said to have reflected the spirit of its age. It also proved to be a best seller - with more than a quarter of a million copies sold by the time of Smiles's death. Arguing for the importance of character, thrift and perseverance, the book also celebrates civility, independence and individuality. As such it reflects concerns and values that were central to working class efforts at self-improvement and study in the second half of the nineteenth century. < link >
Samuel Smiles (1812-1904) the Scottish writer and social reformer is one of the best known figures of the Victorian era. He has been raised and slain in different decades, but fundamentally a balance of common sense, investigation, practice, and opportunity is still valid, especially for those in small boutique operations.

5 Jun 2011

Skillset’s VFX handbook provides VFX talent with roadmap to future success

press release from Skillset, predominantly for VFX, a 30 page book to down load from the skillset site.
Skillset has set a new benchmark for visual effects (VFX) education in the UK with the launch of an industry-authored guide, The Core Skills of VFX, yesterday (Tuesday, 31 May).

The Core Skills of VFX is a comprehensive, modular guide to best practice in VFX education and training that draws on the knowledge and advice of more than 60 of the UK’s top VFX professionals from many of the UKs leading companies.

The handbook, which will be provided free to all universities and colleges across the UK, has been designed to give course tutors in-depth guidance on the skills that the next generation of VFX talent will need to keep our industry at the leading edge.

The modular nature of the handbook will allow institutions to embed specific elements into their current courses, or use it in entirety to create brand new, industry-focused degree courses. It also contains a section for students, The VFX Core Skills Student Primer, with a guide to the core skills the industry needs – from technical elements to softer, often overlooked skills such as teamwork and meeting the client brief.

Speaking at the event last night, Managing Director of Double Negative, Alex Hope, said: “This handbook introduces a new way for us all to work together – it is an important development that will mean many new and productive relationships between universities and our industry.”

Film producer and Chair of Skillset’s Film Skills Council, Iain Smith, said: “By clearly setting out the skills that industry needs, we look to guide, influence and inspire tutors in their approach to the future design and content of degree courses. We also hope to inspire our future generation of creative and technical talent, all of which will ultimately have a positive impact on the industry.”

The release of this handbook will complement and drive Skillset’s industry-endorsed accreditation programme, which will soon signpost the courses that provide the most up-to-date, industry-facing education and training.

Skillset’s lead on VFX projects, Saint John Walker, said: “By presenting the advice of industry in a form that universities either embed directly into their current courses, or use to create new courses, we will significantly reduce the time it takes to get quality courses off the ground. The industry has asked us to change the landscape of VFX tuition in the UK, and there’s no time to waste. This industry-authored Handbook will set the scene and pace for a new generation of home grown talent.”

The Core Skills of VFX is the latest in a series of major initiatives and awards designed by Skillset to improve the quality of VFX talent emerging from UK universities. Skillset has recently awarded licenses for Nuke software to a selection of Film and Media Academies and accredited courses and is funding a programme to train tutors in the most up-to-date VFX skills, and enable on-line professional coaching for VFX students. These initiatives, and more that will be launched in the coming months, come in the wake of the Livingstone-Hope “Next-Gen” review and will transform the landscape of VFX teaching in the UK.

For more information about the The Core Skills of VFX, and to download your own copy, please visit: www.skillset.org/vfxhandbook.